Custom, creative, performance
is a necessity.

At Verge we don’t just create websites we develop full blown website applications. The websites and web apps that we design and develop, maintain the highest performance and quality.

The performance is achieved because our development process begins at the very backend. We begin by configuring the server and then individually optimizing each graphic and file prior to launching your new website.

We work with you to create a design that you love. During the process of optimizing your custom environment we converse with you to create that design you have always envisioned (the one you’ve most likely not been able to verbalize). Or we can envision it for you if that’s what you prefer. One of our many specialties is extremely high quality custom SVG (scalable vector graphics). What we are saying is if you want professional grade pixel perfect graphics that’s scalable to any screen size and is also animatable we can do it. After gaining design approval we begin coding the site, from there it’s all about SEO.

Verge Web Development use the latest and greatest technologies to provide and design an experience that will be remembered. If you have any questions go ahead and contact us we look forward to answering any of your inquires.